What is happening on our Planet …

Global warming and its devastating effects
are becoming more and more the order of the day.
It is therefore necessary to adopt measures
aimed at the rapid reduction of these effects.
What else should I know?

In legal terms,

the 31/2010 directive, also known as NZEB (Nearly zero energy buildings), completely changes the building paradigm, requiring buildings to have a near zero energy balance, ie that the energy consumed and the energy captured by the buildings are equivalents.

This directive, which is compulsory, will enter into force for new constructions from

1 January 2019

for Public Buildings

1 January 2021

for Private Buildings

And so the concept was born

A strong beginning.

The idea of developing a revolutionary product came from two specific problems:

  • increasing the price of energy resources
  • their effects on climate changes.

Subsequently, a solution was used that would use a multilayer aluminum or copper core that would minimize weight and maximize absorbed energy.

This solution was the starting point of an SI R & D project in co-promotion with the University of Aveiro where new values were added to the product.

The innovation exists.

This innovative product presents several features of great value, taking advantage of solar energy in the best way. Here are a few:

Energy saving (80% compared to buildings with traditional heating systems and 20-50% compared to solar thermal energy)

Allows buildings to meet the zero balance of the Directive

Allows the facade to be dimensioned for the actual annual needs

Automatic system management, allowing the ventilation and passage of air conditioning

Autonomous and intelligent control system.

4 Fantastic Advantages

Hot water

Uses the Sun to heat water at a very low cost, compared to conventional technology.


Provides particulate filter air, thus removing any dust, traces or bacteria from the air. Ensures adequate air change level and monitors CO2 levels.

Free Cooling

With the free cooling we were able to cool a space using a cooler environment and expel the warmer air out of the building.


Also heats the building from non-sanitary hot water, so it can be used for underfloor heating,
radiators, fan coils and others.

Saving and Comfort.

Our solution is already


We have already designed our first home with this technology and will be built in Lisbon

The next Building to use

Senergy Force

can be yours!

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